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a contest 4YOU!!


We present you another video tour of Calpe. There's a guy on a bike and his friend is surfing. Until now everything's ok... But, what happens if we tell you that it's a pig who runs along the seafront and it's Darth Vader who sunbathes on the sailboard? Discover all the characters and win a free night at 4You!

In order to compete, you just have to access to the video on youtube clicking on the image above. Then, you'll have to find the list of 20 items or hidden words along the lip dub:

  • A diver washing glasses
  • Two caravans
  • A pig rider
  • A red poster
  • A fuse box
  • Darth Vader on holydays
  • A red bow tie
  • A table football
  • The "future"
  • A checkered man
  • "I like this"
  • Young Julio Iglesias
  • Litter-ally five
  • A chicken caught
  • Orange post-it
  • Rafa Nadal
  • A traffic signal to jump
  • A Sim
  • To live in the wall like a spanish
  • Two windsurfers on one sailboard


Clicking on each object found, you will get a password (a word) which you will have to annotate. With all the words you get, you have to make a sentence and insert it into the form below. If the sentence is correct you will win a free night with us.

To participate it's essential to make a comment about the video on youtube or vote it, to make sure that the winner has entered the page has not cheated.


*Places are limited to beds in a shared room. Included breakfast. The contest will finish on 18th of December.





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